Advanced Cancer Diagnostics offers a revolutionary method of cancer diagnosis – “The CNI Liquid Biopsy” – a set of laboratory blood tests to detect DNA fragments which come from the decay of cancer cells. The method, which was based on the use of chromosomal instability of extracellular DNA, was developed by Chronix Biomedical and verified by clinical tests in the USA and Europe. Currently, thanks to Advanced Cancer Diagnostics, this method is available also in the UK as one of the first countries in the world.

We invite doctors in the UK to cooperate in offering Chronix Biomedical tests. Please, read the materials which are posted on this website or contact the Advanced Cancer Diagnostics office in London.

We invite you to read the new article: Liquid Biopsy, Jakub Dobruch, Urological Review, The Polish Association of Urology bimonthly magazine, No. 5/2016

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