Exactly 20 years ago, on 4th of October 1996, Howard Urnovitz, founder and CEO of  Chronix Biomedical, an innovative biomedical company from Palo Alto (California, US), has applied for a Patent, which was the result of the medical study on health problems, that American soldiers faced returning from the first Gulf war in Iraq (the so-called: GWI – “Gulf war Ilnesses”). Urnovitz has discovered, 5 years before the discovery of human genome, that the study on DNA fragments of the chromosomes may be used in the future “to monitor the success of treatment of disease.”.

In the same 1996, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approved a test to measure the level of HIV virus in the blood (a viral load test), which was the revolution in the treatment of AIDS. Eventually, the test has led to a situation where AIDS has changed from deadly into a chronic disease. The ability to measure the level of HIV in the body, meant that doctors could choose the appropriate methods of treatment and check their effectiveness. As a result, no one else dies of AIDS unnecessarily any more.

The year 2016 brings a similar revolution in the fight against cancer. Chronix Biomedical has created an innovative method of diagnosis of cancer – the CNI test. Similarly to HIV testing, Chronix tests measure “the amount of cancer in the blood,” by detecting gains and losses of cell free DNA fragments in the blood. The result is indicated as the CNI number (Copy Number Imbalance), which shows how much cancer is in the body . Chronix tests allow to detect cancer at an early stage of the disease as well as to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment. We are at the edge of a turning point in the fight against the development of malignant tumors.

Therefore, we have started an open Facebook event: #TheTurningPointInCancerFight

Our goal is education of cancer diagnostics importance, both as a monitoring and early prediction tool. We invite individuals and organizations to join us in the fight against cancer. Please share the information.

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